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Identity is complex, yet hardly anyone talks about it.
Join us to discover what makes up your identity. 

Our Episodes

Each episode is an audio journey of stories around identity. We feature a new guest every episode, and highlight a theme that will help you understand your own identity better.

Dealing with Trauma

Traumatic events have the power to influence and impact  how we evolve our identity over time. In this raw and personal episode Amanda Poh shares with us how she has dealt with her identity after facing  traumatic events related to sexual assault and racism. 

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Becoming a Parent

How does your identity change when you become a parent? On Mothers Day, I had a conversation with my own mom about my fears of my identity evolving due to marrying another person or becoming a mother. Join us as my mother reflects on...

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What makes you different?

Laila Zayan shares with us what it's like having her belief as a Muslim define a core part of her identity. In this Ramadan special, you will hear stories from Laila's life growing up in a suburb of Seattle, to her time as a...

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Beyond Borders

In 1912, Abubakar Khan's family was one of the earlier families to migrate from India to America. In this episode we explore how inter-generational values can be both helpful and detrimental to our identity.

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Beyond Me

What role do our parents play in our identity? In our first episode, Joey Loi covers the journey of his parents from Vietnam to  pursuing “the-american-dream”. And how that has impacted him today. Transcript: Maheen: Hello everyone. You’re listening to FakeID. Here, we will...

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Who Am I?

Why did I start FakeID? Why should you be listening to this podcast? In this intro episode I cover my journey of FakeID and why it matters to me. I cover the inspiration in 2019 that led me to starting this podcast, and the...

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Podcast By Maheen Sohail

Maheen Sohail is a Storyteller, Product Designer and Futurist. In her day time job, she is a Lead Product Designer at Facebook working at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality. 

Outside of work, Maheen is an avid storyteller and loves experimenting with various techniques; e.g. short travel films for Japan Design Guide, and AI enabled experiments for Rangeen Pakistan. 

When not working on her side projects, you will catch her learning how to surf, studying Japanese, or engaging in deep conversations with the people around her.