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Identity is complex, yet hardly anyone talks about it. Join, Maheen Sohail, host of FakeID Podcast, to discover what makes up your identity.

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Race and Nationality

How do your race and nationality influence your identity, sense of self, and the way you live your life? In this episode Maheen curates a series of intimate conversations from a live event in Brooklyn. Listen as attendees share their unique experiences and reflections on race and nationality, exploring how these aspects shape who they are.

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Identity is complex, and the only way to truly uncover and embrace your own complexities is by discussing and reflecting on it. With Identity Explorer, you can chat about past episodes, or discuss aspects of your own identity.

Hosted by Maheen Sohail

I started FakeID in 2021, because it is a topic I found myself having lots of conversations about. Growing up, I could have benefitted from listening to stories of how people navigated the complexities of their identity. I hope FakeID, can help people from all backgrounds learn about each others journeys, and grow stronger as a result of it.

FakeID was made with love, to share aspects of the way I love living life with intention, while helping people come to terms with their own perspectives.

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