Becoming a Parent

How does your identity change when you become a parent? On Mothers Day, I had a conversation with my own mom about my fears of my identity evolving due to marrying another person or becoming a mother. Join us as my mother reflects on her own journey, and shares some lessons for all of us.

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What makes you different?

Laila Zayan shares with us what it’s like having her belief as a Muslim define a core part of her identity. In this Ramadan special, you will hear stories from Laila’s life growing up in a suburb of Seattle, to her time as a Yoga Instructor in the Bay Area.

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Beyond Me

What role do our parents play in our identity? In our first episode, Joey Loi covers the journey of his parents from Vietnam to  pursuing “the-american-dream”. And how that has impacted him today. Transcript: Maheen: Hello everyone. You’re listening to FakeID. Here, we will share stories that break down the complexities that make up our…

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