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  • The Palestinian Identity

    The Palestinian Identity

    [podlove-episode-web-player publisher=”7745″ post_id=”7745″] Maheen delves into the resilience of Palestinian identity with guest Laith Hasanain. Together, they discuss the impact of generational loss and trauma on the Palestinian community and the strength found in their rich cultural heritage and resistance.  Support the Show.

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  • Reflections with Maheen

    Reflections with Maheen

    [podlove-episode-web-player publisher=”7723″ post_id=”7723″] Send us a Text Message. Maheen shares the journey behind creating Season 2 of the Fake ID podcast, reflecting on personal growth, identity, cultivating vulnerability, Palestine,  and other experiences that shaped the upcoming season. Support the Show.

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  • FakeID is back with Season 2!

    [podlove-episode-web-player publisher=”7718″ post_id=”7718″]

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  • My journey + Announcements

    My journey + Announcements

    [podlove-episode-web-player publisher=”6023″ post_id=”6023″] Join us on November 14th in Brooklyn for our live event where you will experience stories & co-create our next episode.  An evening filled with diverse food & great conversations! More details here: https://bit.ly/3ohzcg2 or on instagram @fakeidpodcast

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  • Dealing with Trauma

    Dealing with Trauma

    [podlove-episode-web-player publisher=”4175″ post_id=”4175″] Traumatic events have the power to influence and impact  how we evolve our identity over time. In this raw and personal episode Amanda Poh shares with us how she has dealt with her identity after facing  traumatic events related to sexual assault and racism. 

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